TLC Preschool will reopen with the health and safety of all our constituents as a priority. Measures are in place to secure wellness practices, COVID-19 illness standards, increased hygiene procedures, and social distancing practices for the welfare of all. These guidelines align with the ¬†state recommendations for ‚ÄúReopening Child Care in Illinois.‚ÄĚ

Illinois is currently in Phase 4 of reopening.  TLC Preschool has taken the criteria under serious consideration in the assembly of this plan. We are confident the safety of all constituents will be met with the reopening of our school. We ask that all parties adhere to the strict guidelines outlined for The Plan to be operational. We appreciate your full cooperation.


Before coming  to school, you will need to purchase and prepare the following items for your child: 

*Each child will need a Ziploc baggie containing a complete change of clothing, including shoes, labeled with their name  on the outside of the bag.  Please place this in your child’s backpack. 

*We also appreciate any donations of Clorox disinfecting wipes, Clorox Anywhere Spray, Paper towels, or Lysol spray.

*Face mask (we have some available at TLC). 


Parents will be notified in accordance with the Department of Public Health recommendations when any communicable disease or condition has been introduced into the program.  


All staff shall wear a face mask while indoors.  PPE equipment is provided for all staff.  Masks are available for students and staff. 


Staff shall wear non-permeable gloves while serving food and/or dealing with wounds.  Frequent hand washing is required when gloves are not in usage. 


All students must wear a face mask while indoors.   


Parents or others picking up or dropping off students must wear a face mask. 


Classrooms will be closed for one hour between part day programs to clean and disinfect. 


Groups of children cannot be mixed.   


Restrooms, phones, and doorknobs will be cleaned every two hours. 




*Maintain social distancing of six feet 

*Wear a mask when shopping, working, or in a public place 

*Leave your children at home. Avoid beaches, parks, and crowded public places.

 *Wash your hands vigorously numerous times daily. Hand washing is crucial before and after meals, bathroom times, if coughing and sneezing, and touching high traffic areas even at home. 

*Avoid touching your face, nose, and mouth

 *Remove clothing after work, school, or lengthy outings with others. Leave clothing and shoes in a designated area away from your family, then shower, and change clothing.

 *Always remove shoes upon entering your home. Designate a space for storage, spray the bottoms with disinfectant if you must bring them into your home. It’s best to have an inside pair of shoes.

 *Do a daily wellness check with your family. Ask each how they feel while checking for any symptoms. Please remember to check everyone’s feet and toes. Report any symptoms to your doctor immediately via teleconference or skype. Do not go to the ER unless you have an extremely high fever, and your doctor has told you to go.


If your child or any member of your household has any of the following symptoms, they CANNOT come to school. We understand the symptoms may be from another illness or condition; however, during this time, we are not willing to take any chances with the health of the WHOLE for one child. I am sure you would agree if your child were the one without any symptoms. Your child may return following 72 hours of being symptom-free if there are no indications of COVID-19 exposure. Please do not place any at risk if you know this is a possibility. 

*Fever of 100.4 or above.

*Coughing/sneezing/respiratory issues/wheezing/runny nose 

*Flu-like symptoms or body aches


 *Rashes/especially on the toes and feet 

*Eye irritations/pink eye 

*Lethargic/or just not feeling like themselves Please be alert to any indication that your child might not be feeling well. Loss of appetite, poor sleeping, or just laying around are some indicators. These sometimes can give us a ‚Äúheads-up‚ÄĚ when their words fail them. ¬†


Hand washing will take place at the following times and whenever deemed additionally needed:

*Upon arrival and departure

*Before and after snack 

*Before and after playground 

*Before and after restroom breaks

*When touching frequently used items or surfaces 

*When touching faces or body parts 

*Immediately following coughing and sneezing 

Frequently used items and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected as much as possible. All classrooms, floors, restrooms, hallways, doorknobs, surfaces, etc. will be professionally cleaned daily. Face coverings will be used by staff and students. 



1. Please enter the property at 15 mph or slower 

2. Enter through the church entrance (look for signs). You will walk your child inside. 

3.  Stop at the health check-in for self-reporting of temperature or temperature check. 

4.  Once each child is screened, they, along with their parents or caretaker, may enter into the preschool hallway. 

5.  Wash hands and wait for the classroom to open.  Please sign your child in the log book. 

6.  Parents may not enter the classroom unless it is for educational or health purposes. 







Teaching early childhood using social distancing is the most challenging aspect of reopening TLC Preschool. The general nature of young children is for them to play and interact with each other in their environment. Being quarantined has been very restraining on their age group. The big question is, how do we give them a learning environment that will work yet keep them safe? The staff has been brainstorming on this for this entire quarantine, and we hope we have found the best practices for a solution. 

We will limit 15 per classroom (except for classrooms approved for fewer children) . We will have one teacher and one assistant to a group. Groups of children will not be mixed. 



1. Enter the main drive at 15 mph or less. 

2.  Parents and caregivers from rooms 2 (Mrs. Kaszuba) and 3 (Mrs. Clifford/Bellmore) will enter the preschool door.  Parents and caregivers from room 1 (Mrs. Kranz) will enter through the church entrance.   Adults must wear a mask.

3. Wait for school to dismiss. Sign your child  out.   We ask you to please maintain a safe distance from all staff. 

4. Once your child is to your vehicle, please assist them with fastening car seats or safety belts.  


COVID-19 has changed our whole way of life currently and perhaps in the future as well. We hope the adjustments made during phases 3 and 4 are only temporary. Still, we are prepared to make whatever amendments are necessary to keep our children and staff healthy and safe now and in the future. We know these guidelines are going to take more time and may be inconvenient. We appreciate you continuing to be our partner and investing in the safety and protection of all. Thank you!



Written in accordance with the guidelines provided by Illinois DCFS  August 2020